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The Cultural Arts Center... a dynamic arts program of visual & performing arts

Upcoming Events

All events are open to the public. For more information
Contact Linda Price at 215.229.4550, ext 172. lprice@arcpddc.org

Strange Tales: An Exhibition of New Work at Elixr Coffee Shop
by Richard Johnston and James Sanders

LOCATION • Elixr Coffee Shop, 207 South 15th Street, Rittenhouse Square, between Walnut and Locut Streets
Elixr Coffee Shop is wheel chair accessible.

This exhibition highlights new paintings and drawings by two artists from the Cultural Arts program, James Sanders and Richard Johnston. Richard’s work is inspired by a variety of pop culture references from sci-fi and comic books to horror movies to classic rock. James finds beauty and poetry in the shapes of letters and numbers, abstracting them until they become unrecognizable. More than fifteen of their recent works will be on display at Elixr Coffee Shop in Rittenhouse Square from November 8 through December 4

La Salle Art Collaboration

TIME • 11 am to 1 pm
Community Gallery at La Salle University Art Museum

The Cultural Arts Center and La Salle University Art Museum have worked together over the last year to teach our artists about cityscapes, abstraction, portraiture and storytelling in art history through our ongoing Cultural Collaborations series. Artists listened to lectures about these themes and then viewed the artwork in person at the museum. Paintings, print and sculptures created in response this partnership will be exhibited at the Community Gallery at La Salle University Art Museum.  


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Cultural Arts and our Community

Shaky Shaky Planet at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival

 “1950s sci-fi meets telenovela meets seafood restaurant in Shaky Shaky Planet, where blob-men, robots and goblins break into song for no reason and the bad guys sometimes poison your Alaskan crab legs with Potion #52.” That’s how the Shaky Shaky Players of the Cultural Arts Center described Shaky Shaky Planet, their Fringe Festival performance that opened at the Painted Bride Art Center.

Over one hundred audience members enjoyed the Shaky Shaky Players’ unique theater project that combined contemporary performance techniques, original music, and visual arts in a multi-media performance where genres and pop culture references collide with uproarious results. The project was a collaboration with the artists of the Cultural Art program and multi-media artists Emily Schumacher, Michael Gerkovich and Emilia Brintnall.
The Shaky Shaky Players were excited to bring their vision and talent to a larger audience through Philly Fringe, an annual performing arts festival where new and established artists can independently produce and present their work. According to Linda Price projects like Shaky Shaky Planet give the artists a creative outlet while raising awareness of the need for people with intellectual disabilities to have greater access to and participation in the Philadelphia arts community.

"The Artist is All of Us" at The Philadelphia Foundation

The artists of the Cultural Arts Center have once again announced their talents in a big way with the opening of “The Artist Is All of Us”, an exhibition of recent works at the Community Art Gallery of the Philadelphia Foundation. The exhibition features not only paintings and drawings by the program’s artists, but also includes pieces created in response to a visual arts curriculum focused on exploring different concepts and techniques in art. These bodies of work highlight lessons in contemporary printmaking and photography techniques as well as common themes in art history including abstract painting, narratives in fiber arts, portraiture, and mandalas. PHILLY.COM LINK

Chestnut Hill Art Exhibition
The artists of the Cultural Arts Center have been crafting beautiful and unique artwork over the past year, in preparation for the Spring Art Exhibition hosted by the Dwight V. Dowley Gallery at Chestnut Hill College. Over 50 paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, ceramic tiles, and artist books were on view in a Spring Art Exhibition hosted by the Dwight V. Dowley Gallery at Chestnut Hill College.

The talent and originality of the artists was celebrated at a gala opening reception with music by the Jeff Torchon Jazz Trio. Student volunteers from University of Georgia helped out with the festivities. Artists mingled with about 75 guests to talk about their work and their perspective on the creative process.

House of Dreams
Photo of House of Dreams Production
Greeted by a standing ovation, the actors from the Cultural Arts Center took their bows after a performance of their theater production, House of Dreams. The theater production debuted at the Rotunda, a live arts and community-based venue in West Philadelphia. The performers and artists collaborated with theater artist Jerry Perna, movement artist Alie Vidich, and visual artist Michael Gerkovich to create an original script inspired by the idea that the imagination can be a source of personal empowerment. The performance included props, scenery, and costumes created by the artists of the Cultural Arts Center.

MAY 21, 2010
Cultural Collaborations Opening Reception
Photo of Cultural Collaborations Opening Reception
In May the Cultural Collaborations exhibition opened in the Community Arts Gallery of the La Salle University Art Museum. The works on display were created in response to lectures and visits to La Salle's museum about landscape painting, photography, African masks, and abstract works on paper. Artists worked with Curator of Education Miranda Clark-Binder, of La Salle University Art Museum

La Salle University Art Museum
APRIL 3, 2010
Dwayne Boone's First Solo Exhibition

Photo of Dwayne Boone's Solo Exhibition
PDDC artist Dwayne Boone had his first solo exhibition at Space 1026, a renowned Center City Philadelphia gallery and studio. Over 100 of his vibrant pop culture inspired paintings and sculptures, as well as a mural he painted on a wall in the gallery were on display through the month of April.
Space 1026 - Boone's Gallery


MARCH 11, 2010
Art Exhibition at City Hall Opening Reception
Photo of City Hall Art Exhibition
The artists of the Cultural Arts Center have been creating artwork for the past several months preparing for a big event. March 8th through May 21st, PDDC’s annual art exhibit showcased their artwork at Philadelphia’s City Hall. This year the exhibit was part of the Art in City Hall initiative to showcase contemporary artwork by emerging Philadelphia visual artists.

Curated by Linda Price and the Cultural Arts team, this show represented for many the first time their artwork would be seen in a traditional art space. Acrylic and watercolor paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, ceramics, and artist books were displayed. Quilts created by 45 PDDC artists with technical assistance by Temple University interns were also included in the exhibition.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2009
Cultural Arts Center Artists show work in Provincetown Art Exhibit

Two artists, Dwayne Boone and George Waddell, were featured in the exhibition Icons & Art: Michelle and Barack at the John Lucas Gallery in Provincetown, MA. For more information on the exhibition go to : www.jlucasgallery.com
































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