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Offering job training, employment services, cultural arts and home & community supports

About PDDC
Philadelphia Developmental Disabilities Corporation

2350 West Westmoreland Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140

p 215-229-4550
f 215-225-1330

Our Values
At PDDC we demonstrate respect and appreciation of individual differences, commitment to provide the best to those we serve, support our colleagues and fellow team members, demonstrate a high degree of cooperation and commitment to organizational goals, and behave in a manner reflecting our core values of fairness, accountability, respect, dignity, and compassion. 

Our Mission
. . . to provide programs and services that support people to be included in the community, attain the highest level of independence, and live lives with maximum satisfaction.

Our History
The history of PDDC begins with The Arc of Philadelphia, which was founded in 1948 by a group of parents. In the early 1950's, The Arc began offering job training supports, many the first of their kind in Philadelphia. In 1990, The Arc formed a service provision arm, PDDC, to focus on a mission of vocational training and independent, competitive employment.

Concerted effort was made to respond to the need for personal choice of participating individuals, their families, and PDDC's funders with the purpose of providing as many service options as possible. As a result, PDDC expanded its day service offerings to provide a holistic approach to training and support and a varied selection of opportunities for participants.

Today, diverse service options include job training at PDDC's site as well as in the community, comprehensive employment services, a dynamic cultural arts program, a fully individualized program that will provide services in a person's home, employment opportunities, job-readiness classes, and exciting recreational opportunities such as a monthly dance attended by people throughout the city. PDDC remains devoted to continuing to find new ways to support the needs of people with disabilities, offering ever-increasing choice and self determination.

PDDC Brochure
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